Sunday, 19 January 2014

What's In My BAG?

I've seen lots of videos and even some blog post versions of the ever-popular "What In My Bag?" or "What's In My Purse?", and thought, hey maybe I should do one too!
But the more I thought about it, the more I started to realize how seldom I actually carry around a proper bag...
I pretty much leave everything and anything I would need in my car, and then put what I'm taking with me in my jacket pockets.

However, I for some reason find it really interesting finding out what other people have in their bags,
(errrr ... I mustn't be the only one ...) so out of interests sake, I'm going to do one for those rare occasions I do bring one with me!! It'll just be, more "condensed", compared to others haha

So, here it is!
THE (Short) LIST:

1. My Wallet - ... which as you can see, doesn't quite hold all of my cards...
I seem to collect a lot of those "Get 10 stamps and you're next drink is free!" things or something, and have a membership card to just about every store I've visited more than once... (The ones in the elastics there didn't make the short list so they sit on stand-by in ma car)

2. Hand Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works are definitely my go to! Pop one in my bag and my hands are germ-free & smell just delightful.

3. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - I have combination skin, so (in the summer especially) my T-zone can get kind of oily, so these are a must-have for me.

4. Lip Balm - To go with my combination skin, I have been blessed with chapped lips. Now that I think about it, the summer time is definitely the time of the year that I'm more likely to carry a bag around with me... the up keep, I tell ya ;)

5. My Phone - of course, to let whoever know where I am at any given moment. I have an iPhone so I'm sure you can understand the enjoyment-factor that it comes with when you're in need of some entertainment - in the form of apps like Twitter ... Tumblr ... Fruit Ninja. I also use my phone for emailing, checking gas prices, finding addresses, for telling the time, as a camera, and for checking the weather, so, just a lot... also for my music so I try and bring headphones along with me most of the time as well!

6. Water Bottle - You never know when you might get thirsty. If I'm gonna bring a bag, I'm gonna just go for it. (Plus, with what little else I have in there, a water bottle helps take up room...)

7. A Pen with a Lid - I cannot stress this enough: WITH A LID. I've learned the hard way, more than once, that pens don't need to be held for them to leave their mark. Everywhere. But, it's always nice being that person who just comes prepared: "Oh you need a pen? I can help you there kind sir."


Even though I don't carry a bag with me all of the time, I do usually keep at least 2 in my car (because, I could practically live out of that car), so, I do change them around every once and a while, the current one being this turquoise no-brand one:

What's the one thing you need to have in your bag on a daily basis?
I feel like I might do a "What In My CAR?" post in the future...
I could prrrobably live out of it.
For real though.

Thanks for reading!! :)

ღ CachooJoo

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  1. Ah my bag is so messy - randomly found a bottle open it in yesterday from October ... I should probably clean it out more often!

    1. Haha my car is pretty messy :S so much space for so many things... urghh!

  2. this totally just inspired me to do a what's in my bag post too! it's been so hard taking ootd shots for my blog due to the cold winter weather.. i should try and venturing out to beauty related posts! :D great post!

    Animated Confessions

    1. Ya definitely!! I don't think I could do ootd everyday :o I have too many casual outfit days hehe ( sweatpants & a tshirt) Yours are always so well photographed though!! Great style :)!