Tuesday, 14 January 2014

10 RANDOM THINGS. (About Me!)

To an introvert, I seem like an extrovert.
But, to an extrovert, I seem like an introvert

I don't drink alcohol. In social settings, if you do, you go for it - I'm fine being around people our age who do (you know, as long as you're not like, 12, or at a club actin' all crazy gettin' thrown out and startin' fights, cause then, well, I don't need to say it ;) haha).
But seriously, I actually think all of my friends do once and awhile, and that's totally fine, none of them care one bit that I don't :)

I don't drink coffee. (It's just one thing after another isn't it haha!)
The taste never really appealed to me so I had to resort to other things to get through exam period.
Yes, candy in large quantities.

Also because of this, my favourite drinks are:
• Double Chocolate Chip Frappucinos (the whip cream makes these)
• Hot Chocolates (these too)
• Vanilla Creams (and these)
• Booster Juices
• Green Apple Jones Soda
• Chocolate Almond Milk
• Milk
• Water...?

I'm bad at remembering people's faces.
Certain people look very similar to me.
And by "certain" I mean "most", and by "very similar" I mean "like twins."

I sometimes forget what colour my car is, apparently...
Okay, right, just the other day I was driving around town passing dozens of cars, and then I passed this bright shiny blue colour and thought "Wow! That's so bright beside all those grey cars!" - then realized mine was the exact same colour. (For reference it's THIS COLOUR).
Haha so strange, but I love the colour & it's one of the main reasons I chose it,
so, I put it down to my not-so-great-short-term-memory memory.

While I do indeed have a poor memory (oh so poor), I do remember the most randomist of things...!!
It could be something that happened like, someone tripping over a crack in the pavement,
and the next time I walk by it, I'll remember:
"Ah yes, that's where that guy tripped.
Stone slab number 10.
On the left corner.
He was wearing a green that day."
(These things are taking up precious memory space!!)

I don't like re-reading what I've written. Especially school papers.
I don't know why, it's prrrobably a good idea... but it makes me strangely uncomfortable...??
Hahaha oh lord. I figure at some point as I was writing it down it made sense...?...!

I have a very colloquial way of writing. Anything really.
I often write exactly how I would say something.

So, I use a lot of "!" and "..." and ":)" when I'm online to get my point across!
When people don't use them back, don't you feel like they're just a tad bit less excited than you thought they would or should be about something?
Ya, you know it ;)
Haha oh the little things.


Well this was fun! I might (no probably will) do this again sometime! ...Hope that's cool!
I was also thinking I might make a post on one of the "things" to elaborate on, so if there was one in particular you wanted me to do, definitely let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!!

ღ CachooJoo 

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  1. It was really fun to read . Haha , I can't re-read school papers either . But I have read some books multiple times :)

    1. I think I'd read a couple good books again too, but for some reason reading my own work is, weird? haha at least I'm done writing University papers!

  2. I agree, the taste of coffee never appealed to me either... its just sooo bitter! The only hot drinkk i drink is hot chocolate!
    I used to love the double chocolate chip frappuccino's but they stopped making them in the UK! :(

    Great post, it was really interesting! :)

    Love From Twinkle

  3. Really?!? Oh no :( I'm actually in a Starbucks right now haha I'd definitely have to stick to Hot Chocolates, vanilla creams, or even those Passion Tea Lemonade things if I went to one in the UK! :)

  4. Wait, water is my fav-o drink too hah! I never touched alcohol, some peeps around me hate this but I'm just like that! High five!

    1. High five! Go water really haha so underrated by young people these days, plus it's freeeee!

  5. I love lists as a way of getting to know people, it is just something that has always appealed to me.. is that weird?
    Also, I don't drink alcohol either... just not my thing but I couldn't care less if other people do. I however, love coffee and cannot get through a day (I lie, but it's hard) without it.
    And random facts... well that thing about the guy tripping on the sidewalk while wearing green, sounds exactly like something I'd remember!!! But don't ask me to remember the important stuff that may come up on a test or something, whoops!

    1. Haha not at all, I think those kinda lists are interesting too!
      And YES someone else who understands my unpredictable selective memory hahah if there was a test on LIFE & what happens around me i think I'd ace that thing!! ;)
      (school tests, they could go either way haha)

  6. We have so much in common! Finally someone who gets my viewpoint on drinking!

    lifeintheteenlane.blogspot.com x

  7. Haha there's a couple of us out here, few and far sometimes, but we're here!! :) Woo!

  8. We've got so much in common haha! I type the way I would say it, I don't drink alcohol (anymore), I have a terrible memory and I also use a lot of "!" and ":)" too and get frustrated when other people don't share my excitement lol

    1. Haha yes! Someone else who has similar online typing 'ways'!! :P
      I recently found www.getemoji.com, and now use some of those iPhone emojis even without my phone *dangerous* lol