Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Remember Those New Years Resolutions...?

We're almost a month into 2014
- seems hard to believe! -
so, how are those resolutions holding up?

To be honest ... I've done a bit better on some compared to others ... 
but my intentions are still good!
*plus, that's why I called them 'suggestions' - the invisible weight of"guilt" is just a tad bit lighter this way.

So, lets go through that list I made on the 1st right now, shall we?
*oh dear lord*

1. Read more - ... I took 2 books out from the library this week! Plus, I was just going to watch the new Fault In Our Stars trailer, but had to stop it like 30 seconds in so I didn't spoil the book! Gahh at least it'll motivate me to actually start reading it.

2. Write more - Now THIS one I can say I HAVE done :D I am actually genuinely SO surprised, and dare I say even kinda proud of myself, for writing something on this blog everyday this month! I really didn't think I'd carry through with it (with my procrastination and all) but, I am so, so glad I did! :)

3. Seriously start the job search - I have started searching more than I did last year, but I'd still like to spend more time on it to be honest. I feel like I've put somewhat high expectations (while still staying realistic haha) of finding a solid first job 

4. Learn how to cook more things - Hmmm... It's my Nana's birthday this weekend and for one of her homemade gifts I was going to try baking her some cookies? I looked up some local cooking classes too, but they're expen-SIVE! $60 for a 2 hr class to make soup? Whoa whoa now.

5. Keep finding ways to volunteer - I've gotten back in touch with a few volunteer organizations I've been a part of in the past, and they've gotten back to me with some potential campaign positions which is cool! I've also kept up my weekly volunteering commitment, and am still loving it just as much as when I started :)

6. Find new music - I feel like this is one of the easier ones to stick with! Blogs, the #music app, BBC Radio 1, and just looking up favourite artists' new songs (or similar artists) all help keep your ears open for new and interesting music

7. Try & write one thing I've done everyday on my calendar - ... well, I've filled in about half of my calendar dates! It's nice looking back at it now, having kept track of some of the things I did - it kinda makes you feel like you've had a productive month ya know! Going to try and keep it up for February too

8. Wake up early - ... this one's the one I want to change like, now. I hadn't changed my sleeping pattern much since December, but, it's getting to me now. Time to work on that. I don't sleep in a lot by other people's standards I don't think (sleeping in is like any later than 8:30AM...), but I feel like I'm missing part of the day or potential opportunities if I sleep in much later...!

9. Be ON. TIME. - I've been doing pretty decent with this one! I know how irk-ing it can be to be the one left waiting, so I've really tried to be more on time.

10. Ride my horse more often - My sister and I have both started lunging and riding more than we had last month - I'd still like to ride more, but it's definitely been nice getting out there :)

11. Go to the gym - Pretty good, pretty good. A friend of mine heard about a new gym in town, so we went a couple times and even though it was super intense, it was fun! I also still have some passes to my community gym, so I can keep up the gym-classes for a while longer! 

12. Keep meeting new people! - Well, I went out one night with a few friends of friends...! And that new gym I went to is targeted towards people more my age, so that might be another place? I was talking to my friends about it and we all kind of agreed haha it feels kind strange saying that it's hard to meet new people, having just come from being around so many people at school, but hey, I guess everyone's gotta go through something like that at some point :) and plus! Who wants to stop meeting new people?! 

13. Take in the moment - Yes sir/ma'am! And it's been great :)

14. Stop putting things off as much!! :) - A work in progress... but I'm getting there! Still making my to-do lists & setting ALOT of alarms on my phone to remind me of things. ALOT.


So, that was fun...! ... I'm gonna keep working on these.
Having goals is good, right?
They motivate you to do better, and grow as a person, and all that good stuff!

That being said, if you happen to be a bit "behind" on any of your resolutions,
your support would be accepted graciously ;)

Here's a thumbs up from me, to you.
(We can do this guys, we can do this.)

Thanks for reading!! :)

ღ CachooJoo

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  1. This is such a great post! I love how you did a follow up on your resolutions, I feel like we all need to do that. I've also done some of mine and ignored some other ones... hope I can be more consistent.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I was going through my old posts and wasn't 100% sure if I even wanted to check up on them incase I hadn't done very well with them haha but it was nice to see how productive the month's been & how much can change in as little as a month :)

  2. Glad to hear your resolutions are going well - I know my reading and my crocheting resolutions are going better then I had hoped for!

    1. That's awesome! Good for you! :D Hopefully it's a sign that we'll do well with them for the rest of the year too!

  3. I love reading other people's resolutions - this is a great list! Thanks for sharing! I have a few of the same things on my list.

    What kind of job are you looking for? Are you in Vancouver?

    1. Thanks Salina :)!
      Right now I'm looking at marketing jobs! I don't live in Van, but it's really nice to have a big city (Van) near by!! :)

  4. With the cooking one, there's so many great FREE resources online! You could look for YouTube videos or cooking blogs for inspiration. I find meeting new people hard too, it was so much easier in high school!

    Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. Oh the internet, so handy (and FREE!) it's lovely ;)
      I'm subscribed to Sorted Food on YT but had looked at some others too! Videos definitely help or even blogs with directions.
      And it gets a bit harder after school doesn't it haha having hobbies is helpful though!