Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Makeup Haul TRIO: Maybelline & NYC

I haven't been able - or rather, I haven't let myself buy any new makeup for a couple of months now due to my current unemployed-ness... however, I figured it'd been long enough, after all, it could come in handy during a future job interview, right? ... yes!

I also thought I'd maybe experiment a bit more with "the look" and got to thinking, I really could chop all my hair of and dye it red and it really wouldn't have a negative effect on anything I'm currently doing. Strange feeling really, kind of reminds me of a Jack's Gap video I saw a while back - as a result of a happier circumstance - but, you get the gist.
Just so many options.
So here goes, the mini haul!

The Finds:

1. Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick - 330 Toffee Caramel
I've never worn foundation - liquid or powder - except very, very special occasions, so I thought why not give it a go. I had heard of this 'stick' before and seen it while on my typical drugstore/walmart-run, and had even had fun with the 'Testers' to find my shade, but, even though I liked it, I just didn't think I'd use it enough to make it worth it. The other day however, it went on sale, and that was good enough for me!


- Blends very well! (As long as you get close to your skin tone, it should look just fine because of this)
- Light coverage - won't replace a concealer if you use one
- Mattifying formula isn't harsh looking (still have dimension on your face - not that harsh thank goodness :)! )
- The stick will last a while (partly due to the fact that I'll only use 2 or 3 short strokes on days I want to do full makeup haha)
- And, being able to throw it in your bag & go. <3

Y/N: I'd buy it again maybe when I eventually get through this one


2. Maybelline The Rocket - 401 Very Black 

Loved the packaging
Solid plastic-tip bristles
I found myself standing in the middle of the cosmetics aisle in Target, quickly googling each mascara that I saw for under $10, trying to gauge what people thought of them all (Makeup Alley was a good summary database), but nothing stood out. After about 15 minutes walking slowly up the aisles, I finally just picked a random one that I had seen once or twice on YouTube, and hoped for the best!


- Grabs each lash right from the root & separates really well!
- Doesn't irritate my eyes (I try and buy hypo-allergenic when I can)
- Doesn't clump or leave lashes feeling hard (Benefit's They're Real! did for me)
- Adds length, not so much volume
- Best mascara I've bought in a very long time!
- And, look at that blue & pink. <3

Y/N: I'D BUY IT (Again)!


3. NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm - 353 Pink Lady
Compact packaging
Light apple-shaped core
I'd almost given up on finding a pink/natural looking colour for my lips. I've swatched lip balms, lip butters, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, and nothing I'd come across looked right :(. Having somewhat darker skin (think Christina Millian's complexion), naturally my lips are darker than a light pink shade, which I find either the colour doesn't show up enough, or it looks different on than it does in the package... tricky, tricky. On a whim, I saw the NYC products on sale, and decided to pink up this lip balm for $2.99, and if worse came to worse, it was only some change :)

- Best. Pink. Yet. (Best I've ever tried!!)
- Light & natural looking but still shows up (more than a L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm, less than a Revlon Lip Butter)
- The subtlest of sparkle (subtle meaning you'd have to be up close and personal to even tell)
- Smells deliciously sweet indeed
- Good for work, school, or day-to-day wearing
- Does not have any added benefit for dry lips so continue using one if you have one (ie. EOS balms)
- And, look at that apple core. <3

Y/N: I'D BUY IT (Again)!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Go Offline & Outside :)

During high school, I wasn't interested in buying makeup or extra clothes. It really wasn't until University that I actually found it fun to spend a few hours at the mall, looking back on it, I'm happy about that :)
I spent my time outside either on my farm or playing new sports, while some of my other classmates took to the mall, quite well.

When I started thinking about it, my mind drifted to the internet, and how it's the biggest culprit for distracting people now a days from exploring the real world! There's a lot to see and do out there (and not just look at through a computer screen).
I feel like because computers and the internet are so entwined with our everyday lives, that it sometimes can even seem like a challenge for some people to find other things to do which is a strange thought.
I guess because it wasn't even an option when I was younger, coming up with things to do didn't seem as hard at the time, but I think it's still important to spend time thinking about those other things, if not even more so now.

Try sitting down for 30 minutes before bed or on your way home, and write a list of things that you've always wanted to learn more about or how to do or places you've always wanted to go! What a broad concept though, hey? "What do you want to do?" Hmmmmm...

  • Take inspiration from your Tumblr/Twitter accounts - what do you repost? Food, fashion, quotes?
  • Is there something unique about the town you live in? What would someone describe it as in 3 words?
  • What teams are you a part of right now? Sports teams, after-school programs, art classes?
  • Is there something that someone you know can do well that you wish you could do too?
  • What makes you happy? :)

Build off of these things and try to be creative!
Always wanted to be more athletic? Join your local intramural sports team;
Reblog those tumblr and instagram pictures people take of their food? Learn how to cook;
Love to learn about new countries and read travel blogs? Work towards being able to travel somewhere!

Have a little talk with yourself and go try something new! :) 9 out of 10 times, if it's fun, safe, and legal (I felt the need to throw that in there haha), you'll be glad you at least tried. And if not, you can just add it to your list of memories to look back on down the road <3


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Friday, 13 September 2013

I've never been great with diaries... oops!

Hi there!

So, it's not that I haven't thought about this blog at all, it's just, wow procrastination is a hard one to beat!!

Haha, but seriously, I'm constantly coming up with new ideas to write about and take pictures of for this blog, and just had been so busy with my last semester of school, I slipped up on actually following through...! :(

I have loads of ideas, and now that I've graduated University (!!) I'm going to make a real effort to post here on a regular basis, because I know it's something I really would like to do & hope you guys find it  interesting or even helpful in some way! :)

That's all for now guys ~ Looking forward to posting more content!!


P.S. I've also updated my Music page too ~ There are some great new songs out these days!