Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Day In The Life (Of Me!)

I'm sitting here right now, still in my workout clothes, watching Jimmy Fallon, trying to decide what to write about today, and I think I've got it!
Today's post is about: My Day!
(It's a casual post-day today, short & sweet haha)
My Little Horse
 Today was the first time in a long time that I rode my horse, and I had a such a good time out in the barn! He has had some time off during the winter season, but has slowly been getting back into work by being lunged and doing groundwork :) He's older, and his horse-show days are behind him, so we just casually ride for fun, and, he's just the best little horse I could ask for 

Whenever I have a "barn day" or ride or even go out to feed the horses, it just makes me happy by the end of it. I think it's a combination of the fresh air, being around all of the animals, and living out in the country environment, being away from all the loudness & busyness of the city... :)!

Not the Starbucks I went to (via)
I stopped by Starbucks a bit later to do some computer work. I find that getting out of the house and going somewhere to work on my computer stuff makes me more motivated to actually do the work because I left my house.
That gas money has been spent and I've bought my obligatory "something" from Starbucks, so dammit, I'm going to use their wi-fi signal productively! ;)

Not the class I went to (via)
In the evening I went to a workout class - with the word "BURN" in the title of all things :S - and lordy was it ever a workout! I'd say the average age of the people in the class was almost double my age (I'm 23), but can those ladies ever work out!! I wouldn't want to be hit by one of them that's for sure haha!
I'd been to that class before, but not since last fall maybe. I went to a Bootcamp class last week and it took me almost 4 days to get over it...
Soooo, I'm also going to try and go to the gym more often ... fingers crossed!


Well, that was pretty much my day...! It sounded very casual haha, but it was a good one, so I thought I'd share it with y'all!
I hope you all had a good day as well!

Thanks for reading!!

ღ CachooJoo 

Video Share of the Day: Daily Grace Interviews Lil Bub - DailyGrace (and her new channel)


  1. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    I'm your newest follower and looking forward to your next post!


    1. Oh no problem at all! Great blog!
      And thanks so much for the follow :)! Looking forward to your next post as well!

  2. Thanks for tweeting me your link lovely, I am so jealous you have a horse! I live near London so couldn't possibly have the space to keep one! I need to go to the gym more too! I've just started a bloggers Weight Loss group, hoping to lose many many pounds! :P

    Jennifer Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Wow way to go taking initiative like that and doing it with a group, that'll make it more fun I'm sure :)!
      And aww thanks, you're so lucky to live in London! I'd love to go one day!! At the top of my travel list right now for sure!!

  3. Just found your blog, it's very nice!
    Beautiful horse <3

    Andera |

    1. Aww thanks Andra! :)
      (Also, congrats on the Liebster!!)