Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mini Haul: Some Little Buys

... It's just so easy to pick up one or two little things while you're out, you know??
It was one of those weeks...

Bath & Body Works
I saw this new cute little line at BBW the other day - They've come out with scents for major cities around the world (mostly the States & Europe) - My favourites of the 3 are definitely the London Cherry & Berry Paris, but I'm hoping the Las Vegas one grows on me...! (It's very orange-y, so maybe for the spring/summer?)


Technically these were a surprise from my mom when I went shopping with her and my sister ;) but I've thought about getting some of their socks before too - they keep them by the register and are $1 or $2 so it's hard to say no haha - socks seem to be one of those things that you just can't have too many of!

Good Ol' Walmart
I was mesmerized when I saw the new Triple Shine Sally Hansen line a few weeks ago, so when I went back I just knew I had to pick one up! - I bought 'Sparks Fly' & might do a mani monday post about it in the future since it looks like it'll be a good one!

The L'Oreal shade is from their newest line, Colour Riche Gold Dust, and is in "Diamond in the Rough" - I would definitely pick up another one of these; it's a rougher texture (like OPI Liquid Sand), but looks gorgeous on! I'm thinking of wearing it to my Nana's birthday this weekend :)


Gahh! They make it so easy to just pick up a small thing or two at every store!! You know how they put magazines, gum, and chocolate bars in the register line - that's where they get ya! ;)

Have you spoiled yourself lately with a little buy?

Thanks for reading!!

ღ CachooJoo

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  1. I absolutely love Bath and Body Works but we can't get it shipped over here! Can buy it from Amazon but it's an absolute fortune! It's amazing too! My cousin is an air hostess and I fell in love with this brand when she brought some home from her first flight to America. I blame her! lol
    G, xx

    1. Oh ya we JUST got a BBW around fall time last year and now just about every time I go to the mall I stop in there to smell their new scents haha! I totally know what you mean though with shipping!! I've looked at a couple UK brands and thought about shipping them but it just costs sooo much! :S Hopefully your cousin brings you back some more! ;)

  2. So jealous you have Bath and Body Works! Everything looks amazing, but we can't get it in the UK! I hope they open a British store soon! I would literally buy all the candles though so it's probably better for my bank account that we don't ha ha!

    1. Haha ahh you go in and see so much stuff you just want to buy TONS every time! That'd be cool if they opened it in the UK!! I didn't know it wasn't there until Gillian (EatingGlitter) said that - I think lots of ppl would go if it opened there though :)