Monday, 27 January 2014

Christmas Remnants.

It has officially been more than one month since Christmas...


Driving around town the other day, I noticed that there are still, surprisingly, alot of Christmas lights up & Christmas inventory on sale at the mall!

I love the Holiday Season: you see all of your family & friends, celebrate, everyone is so cheery, and helpful, and thoughtful ... and just so happy all around :)

I'm totally cool with having a little trace of Christmas left around town, and apparently around my house too haha!

My 1st Mini Christmas Tree!!
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Sleighs

Christmas cards around the house
A lot of cards ;)
My car-dash buddy. All year long. :D


Do you guys still have some leftovers from the Holiday Season?
Or if you're on the east coast, maybe a little winter weather... :S
Keep warm & thanks for reading!!

ღ CachooJoo

Video Share of the Day: Let It Go - Demi Lovato (a little Frozen soundtrack, keeping in the winter theme)


  1. Super cool, love the pictures. We don't have anything left on but I love seeing it! :)

    1. Thanks Rusin! :) Our city still had christmas lights up downtown last weekend haha pretty at night though!!

  2. Oh my gosh I love buying Christmas stuff in the sales, I love getting wrapping paper, cards etc at Paperchase and House of Fraser - such bargains!!
    And it's like opening new pressies the next year :)

    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Ahh yes!! Stock up on wrapping paper & cards for the next season :D such a good idea!!

  3. MMM that Gingerbread house looks awesome. That's something I never really did as a kid, so now I want to make them so badly!

    1. You totally should :D It's so much fun coming up with a design every year! (And an excellent excuse to buy tons of candy to decorate it haha)

  4. lovely :)