Sunday, 8 June 2014

7 Things Every Glasses Wearer Knows...

I've been wearing glasses for almost 20 years now, so you could say,
glasses-shopping has been and will be in my foreseeable future.


I don't have the best option for contacts at the moment, but because I've worn
glasses for so long, I've noticed a couple things that have come up time and time again...

Taking off your glasses, and forgetting where you put them.

I'm guilty of this far too much ...
I'll be getting ready in the morning, going from room to room, then all of a sudden,
it'll dawn on me that I have absolutely NO CLUE where I put my glasses ...
Then comes the annoying task of having to look for something I can't find
without having the thing I'm looking for!!
What a vicious cycle.
(My generally poor memory doesn't help any either.)

Walking into a room and being temporarily blinded.
Ahh, the steam...
In the winter especially... you know, you know that as soon as you
walk inside a room any warmer than the place you last came from,
you're going to have to take your glasses off, frantically use your shirt to try
and make a small-fog-free-window, then shove put them back on your face
and try and re-orient yourself.
Just drastic temperature changes in general really can do it...

"I don't think, I can quite, see you ... hold on"
All day. Every day.
"You really should clean your glasses more...!"
No no, I clean them throughout the day, it's just the constant finger prints
from pushing them up, rain, dust, dirt, food (what? who said that...), etc. that
makes it look like I'm staring through a car window post-rainstorm.

Phantom Glasses
It doesn't happen often, but when it does, just...pretend you don't notice...
Every so often, someone will ask me to take my glasses off for some reason,
and, without fail, about 30 seconds later, I'll go to push up my glasses and accidentally
smack myself in the face because I've forgotten my glasses weren't there.
Am I the only one here? I mean, I must just be so used to
wearing glasses, that my face feels them there no matter WHAT.
I've done this dozens (dozens!) of times, and I'm sure I'll do it a dozen more...
*don't look at me*

Attempting to do simple tasks, glasses-less.
FUN FACT: When I do my hair in the morning, I like to play music from my phone,
and because I already have my phone in my hands, I also think it'd the perfect time
to catch up on my emails and reply to my text messages, still glasses-less of course.
Risk taker, I know, but the convenience far outweighs the potentially irreversible mistake that
could arise from incorrectly typing a message or sending it to the wrong person apparently.
YES, I am a multi-tasker...!

The "How many fingers am I holding up?" Test
One of the more common things I would get asked when I was younger was something like:
"So, how bad is your eyesight, really?"

People almost always think it's worse than it actually is, but who can blame them...
* Cut to the moment when you decide whether or not to be honest with them about it ;) *
Then come the impromptu "How many fingers am I holding up" or "Can you see my face?"
questions while they wave their hands and face in the air.
Oh yes, I love a good test.
Bring it.

Glasses on glasses.
Wow, aren't those so practical... and wide... and totally comfortable...
...3D glasses and sunglasses,

"Why not try clip-on sunglasses?"
The double-lens look aside, the selection is a strong, STRONG 2 out of 10.
Oh to be able to walk into a department store (or even dollar store!)
and be able to pick out any pair of sunnies for under 20 bucks...!
(If I could, I'd get a pair of blue ones, like these for sure)

Small inconveniences aside, I owe my glasses a lot, so I think I'll stick with 'em ;)
Do YOU wear contacts, or are we glasses twins??
Thanks for reading!

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