Monday, 15 April 2013

Leaving the Country :)

University graduation in 4 months you say?


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

REVIEW: Nail Polishes!

My Nail Polish Collection! 

I was looking at my nail polish collection the other day and I decided that I think I might have enough colours (... for now at least haha)
After a long day at school or work, just sitting down and painting my nails seems so relaxing. Some of my friends say it's hard to make their nail polish look perfect and they don't like waiting for it to dry, which I totally understand!
^ Those were the reasons I had for not painting my nails for so long before.
I have about 50+ different polishes right now, although I really do think I'm gonna hold off buying any more for a while because I should use the ones I have already... yes.
I know some people might think "Why would someone have so many?!", but I really don't stock up on any other products & the polishes themselves last a really long time compared to say, a magazine that you just read once or something (... and the colours are just so pretty!)

So I thought I'd list a few of my current favourites & let you know what I thought of them :) 

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Top 5 Favourites ATM:

CG Shocking Pink

The most neon pink colour I've been able to find for sure - About a month after I picked this one up, I went back and picked up 2 more in case they discontinued it! Turns out its one of their more popular colours, so I still come across a few here & there. Definitely a favourite of mine ALL year round :)

Sally Hansen Celeb City

I love this colour because it's not just a matte silver - it's metallic & has specks of silver in it which makes it really pretty in the sun! Because it's just a solid silver colour it also goes with any outfit & looks nice in the summer or winter/holiday season!

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

One of THE best blue opaque colours I have ever bought! It also has a natural 'shine' when you put it on, even without a top coat (which is a nice step to skip if I'm in a rush!). It's definitely one of the boldest colours I have, but still a favourite!

Sally Hansen Violet Voltage

I usually wear this after I've worn neon bright colours for awhile because it's quite a bit lighter & has a pearly sheen. Just in general, I really really like that all of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polishes that I have are opaque after just one coat - Cuts down on application time & dries a lot quicker!

CG Flip Flop Fantasy

This one's the most recent nail polish that I bought - It's a neon colour like the CG Shocking Pink except it's definitely more of a coral. I've already worn it once and it's really pretty! Also, because of being so neon it'll be awesome for the summer! 

Side Note: The best top coat I've found so far is Seche Vite; It makes the polish super shiny & doesn't chip for at least a week - even on the really stubborn neon colours (bonus!). I picked it up at London Drugs for about $14.

Also, I don't usually use a base - I know I probably should - but I make sure to take really good care of my nails before & after I paint them! If I do use a base, I'll use OPI Nail Envy or any random drugstore base.

Friday, 12 April 2013


So ... I was thinking, what should the title of my first blogpost be?
Something creative?
Something that I'll look back on and say: "Oh yes, oh yes she was really thinking then. Really thought that one through."

After watching about an hours worth of Say Yes to the Dress while listening to my iPod and browsing for clothes online, I came to the most obvious solution which is to do what I always do when I've got a paper to write: I'll use!

(This may or may not be quite accurate)

I'm not really sure if other students even use a thesaurus or if my usage is above average for someone who *cough* should be more than proficient in the english language, but that baby is a University paper-saver.

Anyways, long story short, there weren't any words that I really thought described it well, or were unique enough, you know?
So, 'Thesaurus' it is!

I've never written a blog before. I have the usual Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr ... LinkedIn (just so professional) ... and I used to have a freewebs website if that counts? Haha
But I've never written full posts about the random things I come across, use, think of, experience, listen to, want to share, etc. and it came to me: a Blog!

I'm really excited to have this brand new blank canvas of 'website', so thank you to anyone whose kept reading! Much appreciated! :)

Do you have a blog?
I only know of a couple to be honest, but if you have one that you'd like me to read, just leave it below!

Thanks again !! :)

P.S. When you enter "start" into, some of the suggestions it comes up with are:
alpha, arouse, dawn, first step, hit the road, initiation, kickoff, pioneer, sally forth, square one, and take the plunge.
Definitely Sally Forth.