Thursday, 9 January 2014

Internet Distractions.

I'm someone that can get distracted easily. Quite easily. Especially when I've been on the computer for hours at a time, trying to finish something (i.e. writing an essay). For some reason, I somehow end up on a whole other page entirely that has nothing to do with the task at hand (i.e. YouTube).

This post isn't exactly one that might be helpful for you - It's not a product review, it's not a piece of advice, and it's not a short anecdote - but what it IS is a list of some of my most visited websites that I go to when I need a little ... distraction.


Facebook - the classic
YouTube - the new favourite
Twitter - the second favourite
Tumblr - the always...interesting...?
StumbleUpon - the surprise
ThoughtCatalog - the random articles that try to make you think
Mashable - the pop culture and social media info finder
AllWomenStalk - the lists for beauty, fitness, relationships, lifestyle, and more
BuzzFeed - the lists ... and lists and lists and lists
FreeTetris - the old faithful
FreeRice - the game with a good purpose
Groupon - the local connection
ListenToYoutube - the music downloader - the background music generator
We Heart It - the picture browser
Wanelo - the shopping browser
Flickr - the travel inspirer


Let us remember, the key to these sites is indeed moderation.

Do you have any websites you tend to gravitate towards when you're online?
(Bloglovin is now another one to add to the list haha)

ღ CachooJoo

Video Share of the Day: Lucky - Kat Edmonson (Just watched "Admission" and I've been listening to this song the whole time I wrote this post haha)

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