Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Care Guide for HUNTER Boots!

One of my Birthday presents this year was a pair of Black & Burgundy Colour-Block Hunter Boots!

Background: I was so excited when I was told I was able to choose out a pair of Hunter boots the other day! I had first seen Hunters around Fall of 2012 and mentioned them to my mom a few times - I had kind of a phase where I just kept checking to see if they were on sale at any of the stores around where I live, but they never did! They're $165 + tax which to me at least is pretty steep for rubber boots, brand name or not, to justify...!
After that winter, I stopped looking around for them and have bought a few other brand boots since. But when I saw these colour-block ones I was COMPLETELY sold once on them once again!
And to top it off, when I went to purchase them, they ended up being 25% off so it was a win-win :)!

Predicament: When I purchased the boots, one thing that I did notice were white marks all over the boots, both the black and burgundy parts... I figured I could just wipe them down with a soapy rag and it would come right off, but this is where I was mistaken. Apparently, the white marks are called "blooming" (hah) and it's common for them, which is great, I wasn't alone, but my next question was, how do I get rid of them! :o
The "Blooming" Before
Solution: After I found water + soap didn't work, I googled different methods other people have used and found a few, the main ones being:

      1. Olive Oil
      2. Armour All
      3. Hunter Rubber Buffer Spray

I wasn't to sure about the first and second options only because I wanted to make sure that the solution I chose would 100% no-doubts-about-it work, and I knew that the Hunter spray was recommended for it by the company, so if it didn't work, I could return it and even possibly exchange the boots if it was anything more than that. I must say though, the first two options still got rave reviews!
Nice shiny boots after the spray
Tips to Get Clean: The directions on the back of the spray say to spray the boots then clean them with a dry cloth in small sections at a time, which all is true, but I must stress the dry cloth tip! I rotated the cloth I used after working on every section - working on a section the size of a Post-It note each time. Also, just know that you really, really, really need to put in a lot of elbow grease! It might be a little time consuming, but put on some music and chip away at it, because it's definitely worth it :)!!


Hope this helps if you have a pair of rubber boots in need of a little cleaning-love!

Bring on the rain!!

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  1. love the color :)


    1. Thanks! I thought since it's a colour block it's like a two-in-one haha