Monday, 28 July 2014

Street Food, Markets, & The Pier

Don't you love when the weekend feels like more than 2 days?
Some of them feel like they last an afternoon to be honest.
But, I think this past weekend was one of my favourites of the summer!You know how I said in my last post I was going to try and start taking more pictures, well this weekend it seemed like I was just whippin' my camera out whenever I could. My sister also agreed to become the family's other official photographer (if she can use her boyfriend's camera). Not sure how long that will last to be honest haha but hey, it's a promising start!

Because of my picture RAMPAGE over the weekend, I thought I'd do a picture-post this time 'round.
So, without further adieu, let's all go back to the weekend!

I've counted Friday, cause when you work Monday-Friday, you've gotta take what you can get ;)

Mmmm street food (Do you ever wish you could have a second stomach for desserts? I was so full after dinner I didn't have dessert, what a travesty!)
A picture of a tree... This is when I said I would make a great fake tourist haha my camera got good use
One of the street shows we saw - a little boy practicing his magician skills
(We watched a fire show as well which I'll try & add a picture of later!)
THIS is Feeny the pomeranian. (Isn't that just one of the best names?! 80s/90s kids?)

Went out for lunch out with my mom & sister! The chipotle aioli was ah-mazing too btw! Mmmm...
The view was gorgeous, right on the beach... West Coast living for sure...
Mom got some lovely flowers & we took a trip to the health food store for these DELICIOUS drinks
These seriously are SO. GOOD. 2 for $5 too - what a steal, what a steal.
Brushing the little guy 
Then we had a little evening volleyball practice! Gotta prep for next weekend's beach volleyball game ;)

After a lovely farm lunch out with the family, we saw these awesome little signs at the market by the pier...
...and these cute little painted rocks! (Pet rocks maybe?)
There was a show happening that day too apparently...!
(We never found out what it was for but it drew quite the crowd hey?)
Did you see that pig...?! (And the person sitting under it's chin, ha!)
We ended up at the pier...
... and it was a gorgeous view! The weather couldn't have been better that day :)
On our way to get ice cream cones, we passed such a pretty flower shop - I'm allergic to pollen but even I can appreciate!
Sunday was capped of with me doing the last hay feed of the day, and taking a few pictures out in the barn :)

 More and more I'm feeling like these posts are like diary entries haha but that's cool,
it can be like an online-weekend-diary-entry of sorts (catchy)

I think I like these Monday posts! You know how some people do a recap of their WEEK, this can be a recap of my weekEND.

A little shorter but still a handy little post to look back on when people ask:
"So, how was your weekend?"
Plus, maybe I'll pull out my camera a bit more often like I did this weekend :)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend as well!
And hooray for the upcoming long weekend!
*Happy civic holiday(?) next monday if you live in BC!*

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