Sunday, 10 August 2014

(MID)Summer Polishes

I can't believe it's already August...

... and even though I just saw HALLOWEEN decorations for sale in Michael's, it's still SUMMER, so what better time to put together a post about Summertime nail polish! (Plus, I love wearing bright colours year-round, so these are definitely still a few of my go-to's!)

Back when I did my Spring post on pastel polishes and I was going through my stash, I noticed so many more good bright colours that I knew I'd be using for the summertime, so it was definitely harder for me to pick just 6 polishes for THIS post in particular...!

The Colours

Clockwise from the top:
1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails  Mighty Mango | 2. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear  Pacific Blue | 3. China Glaze  Sneakerhead | 4. China Glaze  Pool Boy Toy | 5. Essie  Sittin' Pretty | 6. China Glaze  Shocking Pink

The Superlatives

Most Neon:
China Glaze Shocking Pink

Most Matte:
China Glaze Shocking Pink

Most Opaque after One Coat:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

Best Gloss without Top Coat:
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Mighty Mango

Most Chip Resistant without Top Coat:
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Mighty Mango

Most Expensive:
Essie Sittin' Pretty

Least Expensive:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

Going through all your polishes in order to write a blogpost really is a good way of
finding some of the ones you might've pushed to the back or forgot about even,
so if you ever needed a reason to organize your polish-space, that's a good 'un! ;)

To be honest, I don't have many subtle, or even 'nude' office-colour polishes
so I'm not sure if a post on those is in the near future,
BUT I'm feelin' another polish post for sure!
(If you guys wanted to see any in particular, by all, please means let me know below!)

What's been YOUR favourite summer polish this year?

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