Friday, 18 July 2014

Catching Up!

So... June, hey?
Boy time flies.

Since my blog's been alive and somewhat regularly updated (all of 6 months), I don't
think I've had as long of a hiatus as I have this last time now that I think about it.
You know how people say, "I'm not good with good-byes", well that's true for me as well,
but also, I'm not too good with "re-hellos" either if that makes any sense... what I mean is that,
when I finish something or don't talk with someone for awhile, if I ever do decide I want to change that
and get back in touch, I honestly don't know where or how to start...!
(Maybe it's just me making things more awkward than they need to be, who knows)

So... how's it going with you...?

*shuffling thru the awkward hellos*

One thing I've noticed that I want to try and get better at is: taking pictures.
I'm not usually the one to just whip out my camera when I'm out and about in
social settings, which usually means that either:
a). I don't have pictures, or
b). if I do manage to take some, I don't get to be IN them.


I think I'm gonna work on that! But for now, here's some of the things I've been up to lately,
with a few of the pictures I do have scattered throughout :)

Beach Volleyball
So. Much. Fun. My arms were kind of (really) bruised the next day
after playing for 3 hrs but I'd say it was worth it! It had been about 6 yrs
since I'd played a game so it was cool to do it again - plus on sand! Bonus.

A set of workout DVDs by the oh-so-motivating Shaun T that lasts up to 3 mths.
Reached the 10lbs LOST mark which I'm pretty stoked about!
Pretty much ALL from the different exercise I've been doing lately, woo!
Still not done the T25 discs either, so I'm gonna keep going with 'em :)
25 mins. a few days a week is definitely do-able!

Martial Arts (...again?)
A friend & I just finished our Spring Zumba classes and wanted to try something different,
then stumbled onto a groupon for unlimited classes at a Martial Arts dojo.
Just had 3 classes there so far and it seems to be going really well!
(Shhhh... don't tell anyone I used to do Karate when I was younger ;)
I haven't told the people at that dojo, but maybe I'll tell you guys more about it in a future post!
It was something I was really into when I was younger so it's interesting being back in a dojo...)

New Job
I've officially been at my new job for 8 weeks now which is crazy!
I'm currently on contract at the University I just graduated from actually.
Interesting seeing how everything runs behind the scenes,
as opposed to being in the student's perspective :)

New Hair
Think Brittany Snow at the MTV Movie Awards 2012... except with black hair.
I had just been letting it grow out in no particular style for the past year or so
and it was, just feelin' like ALOT, ya know? There was just no shape or style,
 and it would take almost a half an hour to blow dry! I just don't have that kinda time in the mornin'.
It did make for a good blank slate to try a new haircut on though, and so I took advantage of it ;)
Really liking the shorter angled bob, much easier to look after!

Lots of Dinners – LOTS.
Like, until about a week ago, I feel like I was having dinners out at least 3 times a week...
I think it might've been the whole initial now-I-have-a-paycheck mentality
but I've recognized and budgetized(...?) - plus I was stopping by the mall about once a week,
and you know how that can go. Gotta check yourself somethings, but I got it now guys, no worries ;)

Ontop of that, I'm still volunteering, doing my weekly jobs around the farm,
taking the odd bootcamp class (running up & down stairs for 15 mins straight
really is harder than it sounds), and have gone to many a coffee & frozen yogurt shop.

Throughout the spring everyone always says "Oh, I can’t wait till summer! I’m going to do
'this' and 'that'", but before you know it, it’s here, and you’re right in the middle of it.
I really want to try and do more things this summer, and not just go home everyday after work
and scroll through my computer, eat dinner and go to bed...

Gotta get out there kid!!
Phew, well I'm glad to have gotten that first “What have you been up to?” post up and out!
Lookin’ forward to writing a bit more again!!

How’s your summer been going?!
Anything exciting happening in your life? :)

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