Monday, 5 May 2014

Do YOU Buy CD's Anymore? | Music

Hi guys!!
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might've
seen that I (surprisingly) got tickets to see The 1975's concert last week!
I didn't even know they were in the country let alone my city,
so I was pretty stoked when a friend of mine said we had tickets!!
(The day before the concert!)
Above: One of the few pictures I took at the show (I swear it seemed like everyone else there was like 6 ft tall!!
I'm 5'4" soo... this picture was taken with my camera like a foot over my head haha)
Right when the concert ended, all I could think was, I need to get their CD.
Like ASAP.
I'd heard a few of their songs pre-concert, but after they played their whole set,
I wanted a copy that I could dance to and sing along with out loud while
driving around town in my car, ya know?
The usual.

I don't buy CDs a whole lot anymore, so it got me thinking,
I wonder if other people are with me on the whole infrequent-CD buying,
... what with iTunes ... YouTube ... *cough* all the YouTube-to-MP3 converter websites out there *cough*...

I mean, there's still tons of advantages to buying CDs,
for me a biggie is being able to have it playing in my car!
It doesn't randomly just DIE from not being charged enough,
plus all the play/shuffle/skip buttons are right there in front of you on the dash!

I have tons of songs on my iPhone that I listen to, but from most artists,
I just get a song or two, often from different CD releases,
so I just get them as singles.

To actually go out and BUY a CD, I usually have to:
1). Really like the music. Like, ALOT. More than just a couple of songs,
but so much so that I want to listen to every single one of the songs, on repeat,
and even have the little booklet it comes with to look through!!
2). Really want to support the singer(s)/band!
Just be like "Ya, I'd be totally cool giving you my 15 bucks
in person on the street if I could!", ya know?! :)
The 1975 - The 1975
Beyonce - 4
Beyonce - I Am... Sasha Fierce
Michael Buble - Christmas
Taylor Swift - Red
Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music

That little PicMonkey collage above is of my most recent CD buys -
which actually kind of surprised me, the fact that I've bought so few in the past few years
(I did get a couple others as gifts, but these ones I bought as gifts to myself ;) )

My taste in music has kind of been ... all over the map really ahaha as you can probably tell,
but hey, *high five* for variety!!

I'm curious, do YOU still go out and buy CDs?
If so, what's YOUR current favourite?
(Mine's my newest - The 1975 - it hasn't left my car yet ;) )

Thanks for reading!!

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