Friday, 16 May 2014

Becoming a Fashion Risk Taker | Part 2.

Heeello everybody!!
Hope everyone's had a good week so far!

I was SO stoked (and genuinely surprised!) that the 1st part of my
Becoming a Fashion Risk Taker series was as popular as it was!
I really wasn't quite sure how "on-par" I'd be with everyone else's
fashion sense to be honest...the bar for my own was quite low, not gonna lie haha
I had alot of fun reading through all of the comments people left
about the trends they want to try too so thanks to everyone that did!! :)

Just you wait, when we put our newly found
cumulative fashion knowledge into action,
we'll feel like THIS...

... or something like that.

So here goes guys!! A few more styles I've seen other people wear
that I think I could maybe (maybe?) attempt!

Here is:

Disclaimer: I'm not using technical terms here, I'm a fashion newbie *don't hurt me*

- 1 -
Leather Accent Leggings

Because I already have quite a few pairs of $10 black leggings,
I feel like these ones could look cool as an alternative! They kind of say:
"Hey, I'm chic, I'm interesting, I look like I put extra effort into getting ready this
morning even though I'm just wearing a black baggy tee on top", ya know?

I don't have any leather-anything (faux or real - I'd opt for faux though),
so I think these would be a good starting point! :)

- 2 -
Aztec-Print Skirts

I am such a huge fan of bright colours - shirts, skirts, nail polish, cars(!), what-ever!
I have one aztec skirt that I got a few years back, and even though
I've only worn it maybe twice, I still really like how intricate it looks!

I wasn't quite sure what to wear it with other than a plain black tee,
so I'm glad I've jumped on the Pinterest-bandwagon for some outfit inspiration!
Very helpful indeed :)

- 3 -
Skater Skirts

So far, the three key things I've found that you need to keep in mind when finding a skater skirt are:
1. Pleats - big, small, how they sit, even how they've been gathered at the top
2. Length - Too short and I know I myself wouldn't feel the comfiest haha
and 3. Material - Pleather is not the same as cotton. This I know for sure.

In the end, it's seems like a lot of trial and error really... but I think I'm up for it!
I've seen tons of different ways people wear them and they come in
loads of colours and textures which is nice!
I'm a fan of options, what can I say ;)

- 4 -
Plaid Shirts
Plaid shirts just seem like one of those staple pieces for the comfy-clothes-wearer's wardrobe...!
I've only gotten one in the past - I really like the colour of it AND it's got a hood (extra bonus!)
but I bought it a size too small... not quite sure why haha it fits, but snugly,
so I'm on the look out for a slightly oversized one
that I can wear open with a plain tank or tee :)

For some reason, I see tons of people who have them,
but I just can't seem to find them myself these days...!
If ANY of you know where I can get my hands on some,
I would be ever so grateful
*offers you cake*

- 5 -
Chambray Tops

Another casual throw-on-over-a-tank (or even without! Oh so simple)
piece to add to the wardrobe! I feel like I've seen at least one person everyday
wearing a chambray top and each time I just think, damn I need to look for one of those!

I've seen people wear different weights of chambray shirts
- from thick, heavyweight denim, all the way to paper-thin cotton ones -
so I think they should be pretty wearable from Spring through to Fall :)
(or atleast, that's my hope haha)

- 6 -

So, I've really been into these lately - I feel like they're such a good alternative
to cardigans in the warmer weather, or even as a swimsuit coverup, you know?

Plus, they come in a whole whack of colours - my favourite being the bright ones,
so they add nicely to the cool, summer-vibe, in a casual, flowy way :)
I've seen quite a few AND actually just purchased this one from F21!
I'd definitely recommend 'em - they're super comfy!


I feel like I could do a few more of these lists haha
so many choices, such a limited money-supply...
but hey, at least this way we can all mull them over with
other fellow bloggers before we go out and buy them!
Hooray for collaboration and blogger-influenced shopping! ;)

What trends do you want to try?
Have you tried any of these ones or ones from my last post?
How'd it go?! :)
Thanks for reading and talk soon!!

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