Sunday, 19 October 2014

"Random Lately" | Playlist 1.

Now if that's not just one of the most practical names for a playlist...
I'm not the best at coming up with creative names on the spot, hence:

"Random Lately" = the playlist I use for random songs I've been playing a lot lately


I'm also the type of person who finds songs I like,
then plays them over and over and over again until I don't like them anymore,
then, about a month later, I'll play them only if they come up in "Shuffle" mode.
(You too, hey?)

I love finding new songs people suggest on Twitter, blogs, even YouTube,
and I listen to tons of different genres, so I'm up for giving just about
any song a shot to make it onto my trusty little "Random Lately" list!

• • • • • 

Here's what my current "Random Lately" playlist looks like (w/ links):

• • • • • 

Here's a version of one of the songs above (The Vamps - Oh Cecilia) that's made in support of The Teenage Cancer Trust:

• • • • • 

What are some of YOUR random favourite songs lately?
Feel free to share any you've been liking and I'll try and give 'em a listen!

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