Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Internet Bits | Week Three.

Hi guys!
How's everyone doing this week? :)

I feel like this week went by pretty fast...
The entire MONTH actually has gone by super fast!!

I'm kind of looking forward to April...!
It's getting warmer, it's staying light outside later,
and, it *hopefully* means I'm one step closer to finding a job
... just ...
(I'm not crying, but I'll give it a 'hallelujah'.)
Phew, thank goodness we're not half way through 2014 yet -.-'

ANYways... I'm so glad people liked last week's "Internet Bits" post again!
It's cool sharing things in these not-so-serious posts :)

Here's this weeks - from YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!
Hope you find something ya like! :)


itsamemyleo - Never Go S. Wobble
So, this isn't really a new video as of this week, but it's still a really good one so I picked it anyways ;)
And, not gonna lie, I might just include another one of Myles' videos on one of these in the future...hah
He's such a good videographer, he's really funny, and lots of his videos (I find at least) have a tiny nugget of insightful-ness in them too which is an added bonus on top of it!

If you guys like all those British YouTubers who also do vlog-type videos, watch a couple of Myles' videos :)
(Yes, the lot of them, ie. Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Bertie Gilbert, Jack Howard, Charlieissocoollike, FunForLouis, etc etc...
there's a lot really... here's the list of my subscriptions if you feel like havin' a look)

Go for a little video-marathon on his channel :)
(I may or may not have done this on one or more occasion.)

It's my sister's birthday next week, and so I've been scouring the web to find inspiration for a creative present I can make for her, and came across some beautiful picture DIYs!!
I "liked a bunch on my Pinterest page, one of which was this creative picture-memory idea!
So cute, right?!

I don't know how much I'd write for each month hehe but it's sure a good idea! Even as a year-end gift even - like a look back on the year!! :)

I might've worked in another VIDEO this week! Haha no rules here ;)
It's a tweet by Jack Harries of a "short film" (very short, like less than 2 minutes) for a travel company I believe - I favourited it on a whim as I like a good travel video, and this was a good 'un.
(The direct link for the video on Vimeo is here)

So much food on Tumblr...
So much good food tumbling around...
I started by looking for healthy foods to get some inspiration from,
and ended here.

(Better luck next time...? haha)

I was excited to try this, and it didn't let me down.
What a balm.


Happy weekend everybody!
Feel free to leave any links in the comments that you've found!
Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Ha that meme rings so true. Internships are a good idea to get experience, even though most are unpaid.
    Love that photo idea from Pinterest!

    1. Mmhmm! There's some internships in Van I think but I wouldn't have money for a place :/ haha what a vicious cycle: experience to get a job, need job to get experience - need job to get money, need money to pay rent gahh! This whole "being-an-adult" thing can be tricky hah

  2. Urgh that job thing totally summed up my life after university, especially with having an MA I was over qualified for "basic" jobs while I find something more suitable, sigh. Then I moved countries which didn't help matters. Good luck though, you'll get there in the end and it'll be all worth it!

    1. Aww thanks Rachael!! That's the positive attitude I needa have :D I'll get there eventually! The transition from school to work is ... interesting ... haha but looking back to right now (even this time next year) it'll be cool to see where I end up :)!!

  3. I saw that travel video already and it takes my breath away. Not only is the editing so imaginative and beautiful, but it really sparked the wanderlust in me. Good luck on your job search!


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Thanks Brittney! Such a good video hey?! I like those kind of travelling videos, really cool & definitely makes you want to travel more! :)

  4. I love Pinterest! I don't let myself go on it much because I get lost in it...

    Come say hello at Tweet xx

    1. Haha I know what you mean... endless scrolling... so many THINGS!