Monday, 24 February 2014

Sun, Where Art Thou?

Oh Disneyland 2012... Wetzel's Pretzels anybody?
Maybe it's that today was the third day in a row that it snowed, or that it hasn't gone above 10 degrees in about two weeks,
but I'm so ready for Summer!

Spring would do too at this point to be honest,


I'll even take those pictures that end up looking like
(That. Exposure.)
just because I'd know the sun was the culprit.

The snow can be pretty, I mean, think of all the things you can do...
snow-angel making...,
...schoooool caaancelinggg...?

But living on a farm, it usually means less of the above, and more hauling water & trying to stay warm while riding on the side of the tractor haha

I must say though, our winters over here in Western Canada have NOTHING on Central Canada or even the East Coast (not to mention a lot of other countries around the world!).

In fact, at this very moment we're sitting at 2 degrees, and Calgary is at -17 (oh dear lord!)

I think it's the grey skies day after day that can be the real kicker though, there just so de-motivating (yes, that's indeed a word) and just so blehh, ya know?
If it's going to be cold, sunny cold days are nicer than drab ones, but unfortunately we've had more of the latter the past couple of weeks :/

So, let's all, across this great country, hope for a summer that'll make up for this extreme winter, shall we?! :D
Or even hope for a bit of warm sun to help de-frost ;)

Hope it's nice wherever you are in the world!!

Take care!

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  1. We've had constant rain in Loch Lomond :( Down in England a lot of people have lost their homes due to extreme flooding but luckily it's no where near as bad here. I've started to do. Couple of summer posts to see if I can try and coax the sun out haha, so far it's not worked! I'm so ready for some sunshine!
    G, xx

    1. Oh wow that's terrible!!! I've heard England's had quite the winter this year! :( I hope the rain subsides soon!! And the sun comes out! Keep up those summer posts - if we can't have sun outside, we can spread the sun-appreciation on the internet haha come on sun!

  2. 2 degrees above zero sounds lovely to me haha we got that "hot" at the weekend and now we're back to -9 and I dread to think how cold it's going to get this week with the arrival of another "polar vortex". Wah. It's funny because I always though the UK was cold, it was never this cold lol

    1. That polar vortex news has been crazy this winter :S The East Coast and the Prairies' weather has sounded SO cold!!
      The people that move out West here from the Prairies say how nice and warm it is compared to their -30 winters and all, then in the summer they think it's cold because they would get to like 30+ and we'd be at about 20 haha ohhh weather... hope it starts getting a bit nicer after that (hopefully short) next polar vortex!

  3. It's a weird weather in Karachi right now. A mix of more winter and less summer-ish season , which sucks.

    1. Aww boo. It'd be nice to have some sun and hot weather (summer-y weather) once and awhile for sure!

  4. Wow that is so cold!! You can take advantage of the situation and take some nice pics of the snow (and hope springs come soon this year haha)
    The Beauty Break //

    1. Haha indeed! I took advantage of the snow for pictures :P it's warmed up here now though! Yay :D

  5. oh wow -17! i'm glad that the temperature aren't as that cold at your place compared to that in calgary xx
    And i'd never seen snow in a million years! ♥
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    AL xx
    RASSP blog

    1. I know right?! -17 is crazy! Apparently they're still getting like -40 wind chill temps back there :S!! Too. Cold. (!!)

  6. Thought it was cold in Scotland- I couldn't cope!! Bring on summer and lots of sunshine soon Gisforgingers xx

    1. Haha yay someone else ready for Summer! :D Just had a peek at Glasgow's weather in Scotland and it looks like ours are about the same atm! So glad it's above freezing now!!