Thursday, 19 September 2013

Go Offline & Outside :)

During high school, I wasn't interested in buying makeup or extra clothes. It really wasn't until University that I actually found it fun to spend a few hours at the mall, looking back on it, I'm happy about that :)
I spent my time outside either on my farm or playing new sports, while some of my other classmates took to the mall, quite well.

When I started thinking about it, my mind drifted to the internet, and how it's the biggest culprit for distracting people now a days from exploring the real world! There's a lot to see and do out there (and not just look at through a computer screen).
I feel like because computers and the internet are so entwined with our everyday lives, that it sometimes can even seem like a challenge for some people to find other things to do which is a strange thought.
I guess because it wasn't even an option when I was younger, coming up with things to do didn't seem as hard at the time, but I think it's still important to spend time thinking about those other things, if not even more so now.

Try sitting down for 30 minutes before bed or on your way home, and write a list of things that you've always wanted to learn more about or how to do or places you've always wanted to go! What a broad concept though, hey? "What do you want to do?" Hmmmmm...

  • Take inspiration from your Tumblr/Twitter accounts - what do you repost? Food, fashion, quotes?
  • Is there something unique about the town you live in? What would someone describe it as in 3 words?
  • What teams are you a part of right now? Sports teams, after-school programs, art classes?
  • Is there something that someone you know can do well that you wish you could do too?
  • What makes you happy? :)

Build off of these things and try to be creative!
Always wanted to be more athletic? Join your local intramural sports team;
Reblog those tumblr and instagram pictures people take of their food? Learn how to cook;
Love to learn about new countries and read travel blogs? Work towards being able to travel somewhere!

Have a little talk with yourself and go try something new! :) 9 out of 10 times, if it's fun, safe, and legal (I felt the need to throw that in there haha), you'll be glad you at least tried. And if not, you can just add it to your list of memories to look back on down the road <3


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