Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Today turned out to be a 'cleaning' day and I started to came across a few empty containers & used-up product bottles, and I'd usually think one of two things: "I really need to remember to buy this again", or, "That literally took me ages to finish...!"
I've seen a ton of reviews for products online - comments on product websites & video reviews on YouTube - and I find them extremely helpful :)
Some beauty bloggers out there seem to buy new makeup & products like every other day (..!!) and though I use their reviews to make some of my purchase decisions, I wonder what their absolute favourites are that they buy over & over again?

Here are some of the things I've used up recently!

EOS Lip balm

So good. These are so good. I currently have four (the 3 in the picture + a red one) and I must say, they last a really long time! They have such cute packaging too - so easy to just through in your bag or car and carry around for the day. For me, I find the Mint one works the best, but the others smell so good, I had to pick them up & give them a go too.
 LUSH Lemony Flutter
Cuticle Butter

This was the first  thing that I ever bought from LUSH. As you might have seen from one of my last posts, I like all things nail polish related, so I thought I'd try this and see if it made any notable difference! It smelled very lemony just  as you'd expect, and the consistency is extremely thick. The product worked alright as cuticle butter, but for me, I found it didn't make a huge difference - glad I bought it to try though!

Jergens Ultra Care
Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizer are right behind lip balms in my list of hardest-products-to-find...!! I don't really like the feeling of greasy lotion, so usually I just avoid it all together ... and then I found THIS. Every since I bought & used this moisturizer I haven't needed to buy any other kind - it's amazing! 
Maybelline Expert Eyes
Oil Free Make-Up Remover

I've never stuck to just one make-up remover ALTHOUGH I do only tend to wear eye make-up (no foundation, rarely ever  bronzer or blush), so that cuts down on having to buy really expensive all-over face make-up removers. I liked that this Maybelline one was really inexpensive & I could buy it at Walmart, London Drugs, Shoppers, Pharmasave, wherever really :) All in all, it worked well and the pros definitely outweighed the cons - I bought another one when I ran out. 
LUSH The Comfortor
Bubble Bar
First bath product from LUSH that I'd ever bought! At first, every time I walked past a LUSH store I couldn't really stand the smell (I have pretty bad allergies & strong fragrances just give me a headache) BUT I kept seeing review after review about their products so I thought I'd give it a go. When I bought it, the lady in the store suggested I get it cut into 8 pieces so that's what I got. I really like this bar turns the water a transparent pink colour & smells sweet instead of florally :) Makes tons of bubbles too which makes it seem like quite the indulgence - Definitely will buy again!

Maybelline Master Drama
Eye Liner

The best pencil-like eyeliner. Hands. Down. Super easy to apply & is the best for your water line - I don't do my top tight line because, honestly, it kinda scares me :S so I'll use either a liquid/felt-tip or this same liner for my top lash line. I have the black & brown one of these but the brown one doesn't really show on my eyes as much so I use the black (Midnight Master), but good to know it comes in other colours too - Bought another one of these as soon as I knew I was running low! 

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully I'll do another one of these in the near future!



  1. really want to try lush and eos!

    1. They're definitely worth a try! :) Huge selection for both too!