Friday, 12 April 2013


So ... I was thinking, what should the title of my first blogpost be?
Something creative?
Something that I'll look back on and say: "Oh yes, oh yes she was really thinking then. Really thought that one through."

After watching about an hours worth of Say Yes to the Dress while listening to my iPod and browsing for clothes online, I came to the most obvious solution which is to do what I always do when I've got a paper to write: I'll use!

(This may or may not be quite accurate)

I'm not really sure if other students even use a thesaurus or if my usage is above average for someone who *cough* should be more than proficient in the english language, but that baby is a University paper-saver.

Anyways, long story short, there weren't any words that I really thought described it well, or were unique enough, you know?
So, 'Thesaurus' it is!

I've never written a blog before. I have the usual Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr ... LinkedIn (just so professional) ... and I used to have a freewebs website if that counts? Haha
But I've never written full posts about the random things I come across, use, think of, experience, listen to, want to share, etc. and it came to me: a Blog!

I'm really excited to have this brand new blank canvas of 'website', so thank you to anyone whose kept reading! Much appreciated! :)

Do you have a blog?
I only know of a couple to be honest, but if you have one that you'd like me to read, just leave it below!

Thanks again !! :)

P.S. When you enter "start" into, some of the suggestions it comes up with are:
alpha, arouse, dawn, first step, hit the road, initiation, kickoff, pioneer, sally forth, square one, and take the plunge.
Definitely Sally Forth.

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